daily sonic-postcard
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July 13th, 2020– France Music
daily sonic-postcard
concert version

August 1st, 2020, Ackerstadt Palast
studies for portraits in surroundings
for oboe, keyboards and electronic devices
ensemble mosaik

October 8th 2020, Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Bassano-Saal
FIGURE/ Iconosonics 1
for clarinet, stringtrio and piano
Klangforum Wien, talk with Bernhard Günther

October 9th, Graz, List-Halle, Musikprotokoll
häuten/paramyth 1
schlitzen/paramyth 2
reissen/paramyth 3
(2011 – 2016)
for stringquartett (WP of the whole cycle)
Arditti Quartett

===> Musikprotokoll

October, 24th, Heidelberg
October, 25th, Karlsruhe ZKM
October, 27th, Göttingen, Alte Aula der Universität
October, 29th, Oldenburg
Die Zelle
for voices, ensemble, electronics and visuals (ad libitum)
Schola Heidelberg, oenm-Salzburg, ensemble aisthesis

===> Klangforum Heidelberg

=====> postponed: Vienna Concerthouse, Festival Bridges
les cris des lumièresfor ensemble and light (2013/14)Ensemble Linea, Cond. Jean-Philippe Wurtz