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studies for portraits – for electric guitar
This is a lecture held at the music-highschool cologne which i did in fall 2021. One hour informations to the piece, a sort of analyses (after a short general introduction to me and my work). The piece can be listened with the score here:… The piece is also out on Yaron Deutsch’s wonderful album 33RPM (on venyl) or on all streaming plattforms (f.e. spotify:…) and on bandcamp (…).

composing: working on understanding

lecture held at the – Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris – may 20th, 2021

Lecture, VI International Master Classes of New Music Lviv, 26. 3. 2017



Lecture „hören. verstehen. komponieren“, IMPULS, Internationale Ensemble- und Komponistenakademie&Festival für zeitgenössische Musik, Graz, Februar 2013


a basic instruction – by Andreas Karl

composing: working on understanding (part 1)
composing:  working on understanding (part 2)

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